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Half-Day Tours

From $165 + GST Available August/September

Join us on the road, trail system and coastline for a 3-4hr search for Churchills wildlife. Polar bears start showing up on their migratory journey in July, and increase in numbers all the way through to November. You may also have chances at seeing foxes, arctic hares, caribou, wolves and many different bird species.

Mum and cub wide on rocks WMA_edited.jpg

Full day tours

From $385 + GST Available October/November

Join us for a full day during the busy bear season. At this time the polar bear migration to Churchill is peaking and the temperatures are dropping, getting ready for Hudson Bay to freeze and the bears to get back out on the ice for the winter. Spend the day out on the trails, roads and coastal areas with one of our experienced guides and safely experience polar bears and other wildlife.

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